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A Beauty Routine to Compete with the Heat

Updated: Jul 10, 2018

I know. It's hot out. Like so, so hot out. But the heat is a perfect excuse to embrace your natural skin and let it breathe a little after the full beat of your winter lewks. Speaking of beat, we have been blessed with a new craze thanks to Beyoncé's iconic makeup artist, Sir John. He calls it "The Boy Beat", and it's similar to the infamous "no makeup makeup" that you're always hearing about. The process, however, is a little more logical, working with what you already see in the mirror.

Essentially this look encourages you to ditch your under-eye concealer (because "boys" don't wear that), embrace your shiny (sorry, ~glowy~) skin, and accentuate the natural colors in your face. Pretend like you are Timothée Chalamet, wandering around in the Italian sun because you can't find the makeup trailer. Or Bill Skarsgård if you're tall and your glam is killer clown chic.

For an Irish vampire like myself, this means a base layer of a good cosmetic sunscreen (I like Supergoop's Unseen Sunscreen for a mattified look or Glossier Invisible Shield for a dewey effect), a subtle eyeshadow in a berry tone (try Innisfree's My Palette My Eyeshadow in #14), and maybe a peachy blush and a bit of bronzer if I'm feeling zesty. Some amazing blushes that I'm loving rn are Benefit's GALifornia and Sleek MakeUP's Blush By 3 palettes in Pumpkin, Take a Cheeky Peek, and Flame, for darker skin tones (or very bold vampires).

For me, the key to this look is not to cover up my freckles or dark spots, but I do conceal blemishes with a little Glossier Stretch Concealer. For those of you with under eye circles, your challenge is not to conceal them (because Armie Hammer think's they're cute). My under eyes are pretty light, so for a true sleepy boy eye (SBE often accompanied by BDE), I use the aforementioned berry eyeshadow in a small C shape around the outside corner of my eye to add some skin-adjacent color. Also, definitely use a fiber building brow gel like Boy Brow. I don't even have to explain that one. Thanks, Glossier.

If you choose to go on a sun kissed version of this journey, find the top of your cheekbone, and sweep some shimmery bronzer (literally any one will work, but I use this) from your temple to the outside corner of your eye. This is not a contour, so do not, under any circumstances, go below your cheekbone with the bronzer. Blush should act kind of like a transition shade next, fading from your bronzer toward the apple of your cheek where you're naturally a little pink (or a lot because it's really goddamned hot out).

After all of that is on your face, spritz with a beauty oil to really jump start the glistening sweat look. It's cute, I promise. Think of a sexy lacrosse bro but more alt but still sweaty. Glow Recipe has a lot of products that do this but my favorite is this Double Mist. Make sure to shake it up before you use it because there is luxurious beauty oil suspended at the top.

Optional additions, that will admittedly make you look less Manly™ but will vamp this up a little: two lengthening mascaras that won't go all Lauren-Conrad-sweat-tear on you (Glossier Lash Slick for day or Benefit Bad Gal Bang for night) and three "your lips but better" options (a pink gloss called Obsessed, an orange stain in shade 01 , and a nude gloss by Alissa Ashley).

xo, Nate

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